My parents (a Nuclear Physicist & Artist / Teacher) helped me develop a love of both Mathematics and Art. Because of this, the work of M.C.Escher and his Tessellations have always resonated with me.

I recently started to create my own tessellations and have been drawn into the rhythm of the solution and the wonderful process that combines illustration with systematic problem solving.

City of Waterloo: Laurel Creek Trail

In September of 2016 my tessellation ’14 Friends’ was selected by the City of Waterloo to be stamped into a portion of the Laurel Creek Trail.

As an Educator I know that youth are intrigued by discovery and by having a path double as a ‘look and find’ game, it raises awareness and a better understanding of our environment and how our spaces exist together in harmony.

The path was installed 2017.

Community Mural

Three of my recent tessellations were integrated into a large 40′ mural conceived and coordinated by my KCI colleague, Mr. James Bentley. My pieces (2,4 & 5 below) were rendered and painted by KCI staff and students while the project itself was funded by the City of Kitchener for the Cherry Park Neighbourhood Association.


My active exploration of tessellations began in 2016 with my 365 Project and I continue to explore how these patterns and illustrative solutions tell stories and connect communities.