In everything that I do am drawn to the collaborative nature of the different elements and people who form space and communities.

And, using my abilities as a Photography & Designer and my background in Fine Arts (sculpture and illustration), I explore these spaces and the textures that make up our world my mixing, blending and manipulating different media and technique.

Recent projects can be found below while other work can be found on my BlogFlickr, and Instagram. Even more can be found in boxes, folders, shelves and sketchbooks that I’ve left behind.


My active exploration of tessellations began in 2016 and I continue to explore how these patterns and illustrative solutions tell stories and connect communities. I am drawn to the rhythm of the solution and the wonderful process that combines illustration with systematic problem solving.


To inspire, challenge and motivate me to create, I decided that 2016 would be the start to a new 365 day challenge. Throughout the project I explored a wide range of techniques as I reacted to themes presented by daysoftheyear.com.

Textured Light

When taking photos I am drawn to texture… Both the texture of story behind the environment and the actual texture of the objects and space itself. This ongoing photography series captures the rich texture of found environments and uses this texture to add depth to the image and the stories being told.

Worlds Imagined

Thanks to the help and support of my two wonderful kids, and with the help of my camera and Photoshop, I have  been able to create worlds and scenes that they help me envision.

Toy Pandas

I started exploring Lego Photography in the early days of my 365 Day Project. Then, when the project wrapped, I decided that these little people had so many more tales to tell. The ongoing series is much lighter than my other work and  photos are shared sporadically through the Instagram account @ToyPandas.