Photography Education

Since 2007 I have been developing programming for young and aspiring photographers of all ages. This includes curriculum development with the Waterloo Region District School Board and custom programming for a variety of communities & organization including Kitchener Public Library, Waterloo Public Library, THEMUSEUM, KW Art Gallery, City of Waterloo and Kitchener’s Maker Expo.

I have also run youth and adult programming as an independent instructor and, in all instances, I create and deliver custom programming for learners of varying skill levels.

If you are a group or an individual with an interest in learning about photography I encourage you to consider a focus areas below and contact me for more information.

Photo Walks

Looking to figure out the basics? Want to figure out what you should be considering when taking a photo? Or maybe you’re looking to learn about your DSLR controls? No matter what your skill level, a photowalk is a fantastic opportunity to learn while you play.

Indoor Photo Walks

Photowalks are fantastic but what about when it’s too cold to feel your fingers? There are some amazing indoor locations for photowalks (ie. Butterfly Conservatory)… we just have to find them!

Photo Finishing

You have your photos… Now what? How can you take them to the next level? Adobe Lightroom is a powerful option when it comes to organizing, finishing and presenting your photos.


Hoping to capture some great shots with your phone? No problem! The best camera is the one you carry with you and, trust me, there are some GREAT apps to help you take, finish and manipulate your images.


How do studio lights work? How can you use them to control the light & capture the action? Play with the lights as you learn about lighting and shutter speed!

Photo Manipulation

Adobe Photoshop can be used to simply finish your photos or blend them together to create new and exciting visuals. Where do we start? That’s up to you!