Pan Am Mural

Advisor, Designer & Photographer for Collaborative Mural

In 2014, the Town of Milton called out to community groups, asking them to find creative ways to participate in the 2015 Pan Am Games.

This project, created by FASM (Fine Arts Society of Milton), is their response and they asked me to help them coordinate the multi-panel mural that would be later mounted in Milton’s Velodrome.

The piece and process was exciting and the final mural was a fantastic collection of work by 80 artists, all with unique styles, techniques and media.

My role had me starting as an advisor, helping with the timelines, process and organization. And then, once the panels were complete I came in as a photographer to set up the lighting, photograph, finish and digitally archive each panel.

After creating some promotional material for the launch, my final contribution was the design and layout of a book documenting the process and showcasing each individual artist and panel.

The mural was presented to the Town of Milton and unveiled in the Velodrome May 2015. 

Seeing the mural unfold as both an organizer and a contributor was incredible. And the finished book is wonderful collection of artists, artwork and process. This was a wonderful project to be part of and I know FASM is proud of the incredible accomplishment.