Between my sketchbook, iPhone, laptop and collection of cameras, I’m often creating something. But, unless I’m designing for a specific purpose, with a client, friend or family member patiently waiting for the finished piece, the creation often stays unfinished and gets lost in my archives.

So… to inspire, challenge and motivate me to create, I decided that 2016 would be the start to a new 365 day challenge. The themes were inspired by the website daysoftheyear.com and the work was posted on my Twitter and Instagram accounts @KWPanda. 

When I started this challenge I was hoping / expecting one technique to step forward and dominate the series. Instead I drifted and developed a wide range of work that jumps around from theme to theme.

On December 31st, 2016 I posted the 366th piece of my 365 day challenge (it was a leap year) and, with the art as an anchor point, I can now look back at the year and remember small details about each and every day.

Was this project stressful? Absolutely. But it was also extremely satisfying, rewarding and fun to complete. A few days into 2017 I felt that something was missing and I almost decided to start a similar project. But, instead of rushing into it, I decided that my next step was to pause, regroup and figure out what comes next.

Thank you to everyone who pushed, enabled, and inspired me to continue! Your support was incredible and I am extremely grateful.

(A fraction of the work can be found below. More can be found on my Instagram and, possibly, a book to be released at some point.)

Abstract & Macro Photography – Drinking Straws

Toy & Lego Photography




Photo Walks


Sewing Machine

Rocky Road

Manipulated Photography

World Population



(Digital) Mixed Media




Traditional Illustration

International Artists


Draw a Bird

Illustration with Digital Finishing


Can’t Take It Anymore


Graphic Illustration

Love Your Red Hair

Talk Like A Prospector

Dress Up Your Pet

Design Problems


Day Without Art

Have a Bad Day

Digital (iPad) Paintings