On March 20th 2014 Grand River Hospital hosted ‘Journey of Hope’. The party was part of Bell’s #ClarasBigRide and its mission was to bring awareness to mental health: ‘Working together to create a stigma-free Canada’.

“Clara Hughes rode into Kitchener on Thursday March 20 to join us at a party and meet with community members to talk about mental health. We are proud to have been a stop on the “Clara’s Big Ride” journey, part of Bell’sLet’sTalk campaign. We wish Clara the best as she continues on her journey.  Come out, meet Clara, cheer her on her 12,000 km and 110 day journey for mental health and have some fun with us.” – Grand River Hospital

For the event I designed and coordinated a 54 panel, 12′ x 8′ mural. The end result was fantastic and came together because of the incredible artists, teachers and leaders who contributed to the final piece.


“To celebrate Canadian Olympian Clara Hughes’ visit to Kitchener-Waterloo on March 20th, 2014, individuals, patients and students from many local schools, mental health organizations and community groups shared their meaningful artwork with us by decorating each of the 54 tiles* used to create this mural “Journey of Hope”. The mural represents many journeys; the path that each individual takes learning to live with a mental illness or addiction, the journey of family and friends as they provide love and support for their loved ones and the movement that our community makes each day towards becoming a stigma-free society, with acceptance for all. Let’s really talk about mental health and make our world a better place.” – Grand River Hospital


On March 20th I was able to meet a number of the young artists and I was honoured to meet Clara Hughes herself. Absolutely inspiring. This was an experience I will not forget.