As a Graphic Artist & Art Educator, I develop collaborative work that builds & connects communities while my personal & commercial work explores texture & story telling using a medley of traditional & digital media. | @KWPANDA

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Art Work

In everything that I do am drawn to the collaborative nature of the different elements and people who form space and communities. I explore these spaces and the textures that make up our world my mixing, blending and manipulating different media and technique. Some projects can be found below while other work can be found on my Instagram. Even more can be found in boxes, folders, shelves and sketchbooks that I’ve left behind.

Mixed Media

My work in mixed media starts with either a photograph or an illustration.

From there I combine traditional and / or digital media to explore textures, connections & stories waiting to be told.


365 Project

Worlds Imagined



I strive to capture the rich textures of our world and tell stories with the people and objects found within.

Textured Light



Toy Pandas



Art Education & Community Projects

With a focus on Photography & Graphics, but experience ranging from Illustration to Mixed Media, my programming provides environments, connections and opportunities for aspiring learners of all ages.

Photo & Finishing

Imagine A Show

I also design and lead collaborative projects that connect youth, artists and community. With these projects I believe that both the process and the Art itself can initiate communication and inspire change.


Mural for #ClarasBigRide

Pan Am Games

Mural for Milton Velodrome

Cancer Awareness

Annual Chalk Drawing